Watch our new video to to see what 1 Degree is all about.


We are continuing to take the necessary steps in the journey towards environmental sustainability goals.

Start with 1

At News Corp Australia, we believe the small steps add up to big change.

It’s how Australia became the world’s best recyclers…
It’s how we cut our emissions…
And how we plan to address our sustainability goals…


Impact of 1

When it comes to understanding environmental sustainability at News Corp Australia, 1 Degree is a great place to start. We have made these gains from FY2006 to the end of FY2013:

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    Watch our new video to see what 1 Degree is all about

  • Case Studies

    Initiatives across our sites.

  • Energy

    Our carbon footprint is falling. Find out how we did it.

  • Waste

    We're the world's best newspaper recyclers. We can do more.

  • Water

    Water is precious. We’re going to save it.

  • About 1 Degree

    What is 1 Degree?