Watch our new animation to see what 1 Degree is all about.

What is 1 Degree?

1 Degree is News Corp Australia’s Environmental Sustainability Initiative to help reduce our emissions and raise awareness about the changes we can all make.

It brings together all of News Corp Australia’s environmental initiatives – carbon reduction, waste minimisation, recycling and water conservation – under one united program focused on ensuring our business and our products are environmentally sustainable.


News Corp Australia

News Corp Australia is the country's largest media company, with over 150 national and regional newspapers, major news, lifestyle and information websites, well-known masthead sites and marketplace sites, as well as over 26 magazine publications.

Through 1 Degree, we are able to take responsibility for our impact on the environment, take action to minimise that impact, and demonstrate leadership in finding new environmental solutions.

News Corp Australia is the wholly owned Australian operation company of News Corp.

News Corp Australia

You'll recognise our businesses - some significant names include:

  • Adelaide & Messenger Newspapers
  • Brisbane Broncos (part owned)
  • Cairns Post
  • CareerOne (part owned)
  • Davies Brothers (Hobart Mercury)
  • Foxtel (part owned)
  • Geelong Advertiser
  • Gold Coast Publications
  • Herald Weekly Times (Herald Sun, The Weekly Times, The Sunday Herald Sun)
  • Leader Newspapers
  • Nationwide News (The Australian, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph)
  • News Life Media (ex-News magazines)

News Corp Australia


  • NewsLocal (previously Cumberland-Courier Newspapers)
  • News Queensland
  • North Queensland Newspaper
  • Northern Territory News
  • Papua New Guinea Post-Courier
  • Perth Sunday Times
  • Quest Community Newspapers
  • REA Group
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    Watch our new video to see what 1 Degree is all about

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