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1 Degree

1 Degree is all about action. The small changes we can all make every day add up to a big difference. The reduction of News Corp Australia’s carbon footprint by 40% from FY2006 to FY2017 has come from the thousands of individual changes made by the many staff working across all of our sites. Since 2007, 1 Degree has been recognising and rewarding our employees for the changes they make and the ways they inspire others. 1 Degree also engages not-for-profit and like minded organisations as partners in new and creative ways each year.

Our Staff

Staff engagement is a big focus for 1 Degree, and it’s at the heart of what 1 Degree is all about. If we can inspire and engage our staff, we are reaching thousands of fantastic employees who can take small steps that will add up to significant changes. Each year 1 Degree:

  • hosts several large engagement events
  • organises quarterly ‘lunchbox series events’ in the Head Office building in Sydney
  • holds a number of national competitions
  • produces educational videos
  • provides a platform for staff to get involved in many different environmental initiatives
  • works with partners and suppliers to achieve environmental outcomes for our staff and community


We have audited over 86% of our energy use, identifying over two hundred energy saving projects to change how we approach everything we do. Every person working at News Corp Australia is able to contribute to our auditing program by either helping to identify new opportunities or implementing them in their day-to-day work. By investing in energy efficiency measures across our business, we have also saved money by using less energy. It all makes good business sense.


The small steps made at News Corp Australia towards environmental sustainability are just the beginning. We’re starting with one – ourselves – but it’s the collective changes made by everyone that can really impact the future of the planet. That’s why News Corp Australia is committed to communicating our sustainability goals and progress with best practice transparency to all stakeholders. In doing so we won the 2010 Carbon Disclosure Project Award for the best quality carbon emission reporting in Australia and have been included in the global ASX200 Leadership Index with a disclosure score 20 points higher than the ASX average. News Corp Australia is the only media company in Australia to report through the CDP Forests Program, where we maintain the leadership score of A- year on year. CDP Forests is an emerging platform for companies to voluntarily disclose on the impacts of their products on global forests and the measures they are taking to minimise those impacts.


1 Degree has engaged many partners for staff events and initiatives including Terracycle, OzHarvest, Take3, MobileMuster, RecycleSmart, Planet Ark, Fashion Revolution, Youth Food Movement and  Cool Australia. In 2015, News Corp Australia partnered with Mitsubishi Motors Australia and Origin Energy for staff offers and discounts on electric vehicles and solar products. News Corp Australia was one of the founding partners of the 10% Challenge, an energy efficiency campaign that shows people how to reduce their energy use by 10%.


1 Degree Committees

Our employees not only make changes to the way they work to improve sustainability, they also drive the 1 Degree Committees that operate at News Corp Australia divisions to initiate and manage 1 Degree initiatives. Each Committee has members from different functions across the business. We share ideas about best practice in different locations and work together to identify areas where improvements can be made. They are integral to engaging employees in 1 Degree.


We believe in starting with 1 – ourselves – when it comes to sustainability and we’ve made some real progress. And as Australia’s largest media company we have an obvious role in communicating this to others. A large number of environmental stories, special features and supplements appear in our newspapers, magazines and online sites, providing readers with more information about what they can do. We also support community initiatives such as tree planting days that both promote sustainability and make a real difference to our environment.