Vision & Targets

As part of News Corp, we share the same vision and targets.

  • Vision
    • Power our operations with clean electricity
    • Grow our business without growing our carbon footprint
    • Minimise solid waste to landfill from our production
    • Continue to engage our readers, viewers and customers on sustainability issues through partnerships and content of the highest calibre


News Corp Vision & Targets

  • Targets
    • Continue to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 15% (base year FY2006)
    • Reduce emissions intensity by at least 15% (from base year FY2006)
    • Invest in clean energy equal to 20% of our electricity use
    • Actively engage 100 of our largest suppliers in improving their environmental impacts
    • Measure waste footprint and develop a strategy to reduce it


Responsibility, action, leadership


We are continuing to take the necessary steps in the journey towards environmental sustainability at News Corp Australia.

To support News Corp’s vision and goals to the end of 2015 and to address our Australian regulatory and compliance responsibilities, News Corp Australia is committed to:



  • Taking responsibility for how our actions impact the planet
  • Action that enables us to use our resources more efficiently
  • Taking leadership in working with others towards a more sustainable future


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