Environmental sustainability is about more than risk mitigation and compliance. It’s about taking responsibility for the way our actions impact on the environment and doing something about it.

With a long-term commitment to environmental sustainability, News Corp Australia not only complies with existing environmental regulations but we take responsibility to exceed those requirements and to be proactive about environmental risk management.




Between now and 2015 we will:

  • Continue our national environmental audit program, with reports referred to the Risk and Audit Committee
  • Have 90% of energy use assessed over the five year EEO cycle
  • Ensure all divisions are compliant with the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act (EEO) and National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGER).
  • Provide training and support on environment compliance responsibilities and reporting to stakeholders.
  • Enhance environmental incident reporting.


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Taking responsibility

Environmental responsibility at News Corp Australia means:

  • Measuring and understanding our carbon footprint. Greenhouse gas emissions are reported in total as well as in terms of percentage of revenue and by CO2e per tonne of newsprint and per web page impression (for relevant businesses)
  • Over 200 new initiatives identified across 86% of our energy use
  • Compliance assurance: Energy Efficiencies Opportunity (EEO) Act, National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act, relevant state and local environment legislation
  • On-site training and site visits to share knowledge and ideas

  • Formal Energy Reduction Plans for each division annually identifying:
    • energy savings to date
    • opportunities for future savings with relevant payback periods
    • key initiatives either implemented or planned that can be shared across the group
  • Implementing new initiatives for waste minimisation and reducing water consumption across all divisions

Taking responsibility

  • Encouraging staff to take individual responsibility by making small changes such as:
    • turning off non-essential lighting
    • refusing disposable cups
    • walking/riding to work
    • interest-free loans for public transport passes and buses
  • Working with suppliers to improve sustainable business practices
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