Our achievements since FY2006

Our achievements


Our achievements

Our achievements

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News Corp Australia energy use audited

Our achievements

Inspiring others


Waste not, Want not

Down go our carbon emissions

Climate Change Special Report

1degree - Change the planet's future

Saving Planet Earth


Published in April Edition, 2013. Read more Published in July 27, 2013. Read more Published in November 24, 2007. Read more A ten part series published in August 2007. Read more A ten part series published in August 2007. Read more

Our achievements

Inspiring others

Green Earth Partworks

A six part series published July 23-29, 2007. Read more
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  • Environmental Sustainability report FY2012

    See our progress here.

  • Our achievements

    1 Degree of change made by many adds up to big change.

  • Our journey

    See our environmental journey to date.

  • Energy

    Our carbon footprint is falling. Find out how we did it.

  • Waste

    We're the world's best newspaper recyclers. We can do more.

  • Water

    Water is precious. We’re going to save it.

  • Product Stewardship

    We actively manage the environmental impact of our products.