The Advertiser

In August 2007, The Advertiser ran a ten part series titled ‘1degree - Change the planet’s future’.


  • Part 1: The cycle of change: Fragile Earth – where did we go wrong?

  • Part 2: Living Earth: Struggling to survive – the dangers to our ecosystems

  • Part 3: Earth’s challenges: Reality bites – exposing the many threats to nature

  • Part 4: Climate: Degree of change – how global warming is affecting us
  • Part 5: Energy: Power struggle – the quest for clean, sustainable alternatives
  • Part 6: Water: Precious resource – making the most of every last drop
  • Part 7: Ecological footprint: Human Impact – leaving our mark on the planet
  • Part 8: Home: Green Living: what to do around the house to improve the environment
  • Part 9: Health matters: Life Support – the challenges facing us all
  • Part 10: South Australia: Our future – Now is the time for change