Our journey

Our Journey

Environmental sustainability has been part of News Corp Australia's business for over 20 years. We started with reducing newspaper waste by recycling and introduced new techniques for cleaner printing. Our company's environment policy has initiated ongoing environmental improvements in every aspect of the way we deliver the best news and entertainment to our readers.

Our journey
Our journey
Our journey
Our journey
Our journey
Our journey
  • 1 Degree Animation

    Watch our new video to see what 1 Degree is all about

  • Environmental Sustainability report FY2012

    See our progress here.

  • Our achievements

    1 Degree of change made by many adds up to big change.

  • Our journey

    See our environmental journey to date.

  • Energy

    Our carbon footprint is falling. Find out how we did it.

  • Waste

    We're the world's best newspaper recyclers. We can do more.

  • Water

    Water is precious. We’re going to save it.

  • Product Stewardship

    We actively manage the environmental impact of our products.