Recycling at News

In the production of our products waste is generated both inside and outside our business, and we take steps to minimise it.

First we try to reduce what we use, from the use of lighter newsprint stocks to using less paper through to the promotion of re-usable mugs for that morning coffee.

Then we recycle what we can. Cardboard, newspapers (press waste and returns), office paper, packaging, plastic bottles and containers, cans, printer cartridges, fluorescent lights, technology and other office wastes are recycled.


Paper waste and cores are returned to the manufacturer; aluminium printing plates and punch-outs are recycled for their metal; and ink waste is recycled.

Our print sites recycle approximately 97% of the material that would otherwise go to landfill.

Our new initiative, ‘Recycling at News’, is targeted at reducing our office waste and increasing our recycling.

Recycling our products

At the start of 1990, Australia’s rate of recycling old newspapers was estimated to be 28%. Newspaper waste reduction was a big challenge.

Today, Australia leads the world in newspaper recycling thanks to the efforts of readers across the country.

It’s no accident.

News Corp Australia and our partner Australian Newsprint Mills (now Norske Skog) invested $133 million in Australia’s first de-inking plant in Albury in 1995, creating new markets for old newspapers and magazines.

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Recycling our products

With other members of the Publishers’ National Environmental Bureau, and Norske Skog, Australia’s newsprint manufacturer, we have worked hard to support the development of kerbside recycling through formulation of our industry “National Environment Sustainability Plan”. Find out more at

We’re a diversified media company and we’re not stopping with newspapers.


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