Australia is the driest inhabited continent on Earth.

That’s why 1 Degree looks at how we can reduce our water footprint as well as carbon and waste.

At many of our facilities, water capture and recycling is already underway. We have flow restrictions on taps, dual flush cisterns and are reducing the use of water cooling towers. At our head office in Sydney, we’ve had a 25% reduction in water usage over the past five years.

It’s a good start, but developing a strategy for more efficient use of water right across our business is a priority.

14 water-measurement

Water - The future

Our major print facility at Murarrie in Brisbane leads the way in our approach to water resource management.

Potable water consumption is metered at control points such as the HVAC (Heat Ventilation and Cooling) plant, with metre data recorded weekly so any abnormal water consumption can be identified and addressed.

The site’s Water Efficiency Management Plan includes a comprehensive technical and water efficiency survey. Consumption and compliance reporting is submitted to the relevant regulatory authorities annually.



The refurbishment of our Brisbane office facilities at Bowen Hills offices in 2010 has incorporated significant hydraulic infrastructure and modifications to water delivery systems. Rain water harvesting and storage capacity has been increased by 50% to be used for garden maintenance and fleet vehicle washing.

At the Brisbane Print Centre rainwater is collected in a 500,000 litre tank and used on site, saving up to 40,000 litres a day.

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