Start with 1

How do you take the equivalent of 7,158 cars off the road?

How do change the equivalent of 54,471 light bulbs?

You start with 1. That’s what we did here at News Corp Australia through energy efficiency and renewable energy from FY2006 to FY2012.

There are hundreds of ways to save energy, many as simple as flicking a switch. And not only will it help prevent climate change, but being energy-smart will also save you money by reducing your electricity and gas bills.


  • 1 Degree Animation

    Watch our new video to see what 1 Degree is all about

  • Impact of 1

    1 Degree is a great place to start.

  • Tips & Tools

    There are hundreds of ways to save energy. We’ve provided a start.

  • The Garage Sale Trail

    Australia’s largest community recycling initiative.

  • Carbon calculator

    Numbers add up. Find out yours.