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Buildings waste significant amounts of energy through inefficiencies such as poor insulation, poor temperature control, standby appliances, idle computers, less efficient equipment, drafts or excess lighting. That’s a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions that can be reduced by taking small steps in energy efficiency.

Energy at work

  • Conduct an energy audit to understand what, and how, energy is being used in your business.
  • Fit compact fluorescent light bulbs: they pay for themselves in a year, last up to 10 times longer than conventional bulbs and save more than 66% in lighting costs over their lifetime.
  • Fit draft excluders (or a door-snake works just fine too!) to avoid the draft from windows and doors.
  • Turn all office appliances off at the wall when you’re not using them or overnight.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from freight transport by buying local food and products.
  • Make sure all your computers have the save energy feature activated.
  • Replace travelling with teleconferencing or videoconferencing whenever possible.
  • Review your supply chain with “green” in mind. When you need to purchase new goods and services seek value for money, which includes energy efficiency as a key factor.
  • 65% of office energy use can be from air-conditioning. Setting a temperature 2° lower can save up to 13% of the power use.
  • Consider renovating rather than demolishing and rebuilding, as embodied energy incorporated into existing buildings can be significant.