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About Us

About News Corp Australia

News Corp Australia is Australia’s No.1 media company, reaching Australia’s largest audience across all platforms – print, web, broadcast, mobile & tablet. Our businesses include national, metropolitan, regional and local news, sport, business, lifestyle, automotive, careers and real estate brands including:

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About 1 Degree

1 Degree is News Corp Australia’s Environmental Sustainability Initiative to help reduce our emissions and raise awareness about the small steps we can all take to make 1 Degree of difference to the future of the planet. It brings together all of News Corp Australia’s environmental initiatives – carbon reduction, product stewardship, waste minimisation, recycling and water conservation – under one united program.

Environmental sustainability has been part of News Corp Australia’s business for over 40 years. We started with reducing newspaper waste by recycling and introduced new techniques for cleaner printing. Our company’s environment policy has initiated ongoing environmental improvements in every aspect of the way we deliver the best news, sport, business and entertainment to our readers.