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1 Degree’s top 10 zero waste tips

10/10/2016 10:10 AM

1) Learn your recyclables 

Confused about what can and can’t be recycled? You aren’t alone – there are many apps out there that can help. RecycleSmart and PlanetArk’s app is very thorough, and is council specific. At work, your bins will have signs on them, so follow the instructions and if in doubt – throw it out, it’s better not to have one item contaminating the whole bin and causing it to go to landfill.

2) Muster up those old mobiles 

Have old mobile phones, accessories and cables lying around? MobileMuster can collect them and turn them into new electrical items.

3) Ready to use reusables

Have reusables ready to go, stainless steel drink bottles, coffee mugs or keep cups, glass containers, handkerchiefs, fabric napkins and shopping bags are much more likely to be used if they are with you when you need them!

4) Making the most of compost 

Find a home compost system that works for you. Getting food waste out of your rubbish bin will make a big difference and can really get things going in your garden. For apartment dwellers – check out any community gardens or communal composting systems in your area, they are more common than you’d think!

5) Repair wear and tear 

Have a look out for your local repair cafe (such as The Bower)- electrical items, rickety chairs, broken furniture and clothes can all have a second life if they are repaired and renewed.

6) Paper towel alternatives 

Stock up on easy to clean rags or cloths that you can use in place of paper towels in the kitchen, and explore the possibility of alternatives to paper towels in offices and schools such as eco hand dryers.

7) Leftover legend 

Love those leftovers – there are lots of online recipes that help you turn your leftovers into exciting new meals instead of them going to waste. Try We Hate To Waste Recipes or visit the Youth Food Movement’s website  for ideas.

8) Do it for charity 

 Have old toys, clothes and books lying around and want to give them a charitable use? Second Chance Toys and Dress for Success are fantastic charities that give items a second life and help people in need. Books can be donated to your local library or charity for sale.

9) One small step

Can’t do it all? Just pick one item you regularly through out in a week and see if you can either recycle it through a community service or use it in a different and creative way. Every small step adds up to big change, and you will start to see the difference you are making.

10) Upcycling crafter-noon 
Upcycling is a great weekend project to do with your family or friends, and it can be very rewarding to see your innovative new product made from old items complete! There are many helpful upcycling ideas websites, including Upcycle That