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5 zero waste themed films

09/11/2016 5:18 PM

Looking for a fun way to get your school, workplace, friends or family to see the importance of reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill? Sitting everyone down for a good movie can be both entertaining and informative, and there are several award winning documentaries that focus on the issue of waste and what we can all do about it.

1 Degree has collated a list of documentaries to give you inspiration for your next movie night:

  • The Clean Bin Project: Multi award winning festival documentary about Jen and Grant, partners competing against each other to see who can more “waste free”, set against the realities of our “throw away society”

Clean bin project

  • Trashed: Docu-feature film ‘Trashed’ is an alarming insight into the environmental challenges caused by our global waste problem.


  • Waste Not: A multiple award winning Australian short documentary by The Total Environment Centre about the ‘beauty of garbage’ and where it all goes when we ‘throw it away’. It tells the story of many people in our communities who are making a difference and advocating for a future where nothing is wasted.

Waste not

  • Waste Deep is a short free to watch Australian documentary, all about food and packaging waste and changing the way we cook and eat. The film features environmental Tim Silverowor, TV presenter Sarah Wilson and host of ABC’s Gardening Australia Costa Geordiadis.

  • Just Eat It focuses specifically on food waste and tells the stories of farmers, influential organisations and consumers.

Just eat it