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Delivering the news with fewer emissions

28/05/2014 4:26 AM

Significant changes in air and road freight logistics over the past year have reduced the fuel consumption and emissions associated with the distribution of our products.

Having the right quantity of newspapers delivered is important to efficiency and better use of air freight has seen 500 tonnes less being flown over the last year. We have cut the number of dedicated air charters we use to fly our newspapers and magazines around Australia, instead utilising existing passenger flights and flying as many copies as possible on flights that would fly regardless of our product being on board.

Road freight has also become more efficient with a re-zoning of distribution areas in Melbourne and ongoing rezoning in Sydney reducing the number of vehicles on the road by around 12-15% so far, with more savings to come. In Queensland, we have reconfigured our fleet by replacing less efficient larger vehicles with more efficient and nimble vehicles throughout the network, and are also rezoning our distribution areas.

As a result of these changes we are avoiding unnecessary greenhouse emissions, reducing fuel use and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.