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Environment in far North Queensland

10/05/2014 1:18 AM

Environmental awareness and innovation have come together at The Cairns Post to make News Corp Australia’s far North Queensland operations among our most energy efficient.

Since the start of 1 Degree in 2007, the Abbot Street office of The Cairns Post has achieved a significant carbon reduction of 42% by FY2013.

A lot of large and small changes have been made to achieve these results, not least of all the introduction of an innovative new energy efficiency technology known as Steril-Aire.

Steril-Aire is an air handling system that concentrates ultra violet light on to the air conditioning heat exchanger to prevent the build-up of biogenic particles – that is, the UV light kills the bugs and mould that would grow in the system. This removal of particles improves the efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and enhances the health of the work environment.

Another creative technology used at The Cairns Post site is the Illum-A-Lite fluorescent light controllers, which allows the lights to turn on with a normal voltage then switch to a lower voltage economy mode without significantly reducing light output, saving some 30% in energy.