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FY17 Environmental Footprint Results

27/08/2018 3:06 PM

When we say we’re committed to environmental sustainability at News Corp Australia, we really mean it. We understand the important role we play in setting the standards, nationally and internationally, for environmental achievements. Our 1 Degree initiative celebrated ten years of sustainable efforts in 2017, and it hasn’t stopped since.

Ten years of environmental sustainability takes a lot of people to achieve. From the print centers to the offices, every employee has the opportunity to make a small change to contribute to a big difference in our company. Last year, all of our small changes meant we were able to surpass our carbon reduction target by reducing emissions by 7% in a single year. That equates to a reduction of more than 10,000 tonnes of CO2e, the same as taking 2,560 cars off the road. Since 2006, we have seen a 40% reduction in carbon emissions, a massive achievement equivalent to charging 22 million iPhones every day.

Small changes mean big picture results. 1 Degree has lead the way in waste management at our major print sites in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, which all exceeded the goal of zero waste in 2016. We’re working on ensuring our offices are on the same path. We’ve also implemented a national carbon reduction project with 1Switch, source 100% of our newsprint publication paper from sustainably certified mills, and established 1 Degree Committees in each state, among many other initiatives.

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News Corp 1 Degree tenth birthday lunch at Bowen Hills, Brisbane 

Jonathon Collins, Environment Manager at News Corp Australia said, “Under our News in the Community program, 1 Degree delivers a principled approach to environmental sustainability. It engages with all areas of the business to ensure we maintain our leadership in the areas of carbon reduction, energy efficiency, waste reduction, product stewardship and other key areas for environmental improvement.

None of our achievements to date would be possible without the engagement of our 1 Degree Committees and Councils, as well as our staff from numerous divisions of the business who have helped to champion ideas, drive awareness and implement these initiatives.

1 Degree is about how each of our small efforts can help to make a big change for our company. We are always looking for smarter and more efficient ways to make our operations, supply chain and our products more sustainable, and our staff ideas and actions will be key to continue achieving this.”