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How many light bulbs?

15/05/2014 4:19 AM

We all know that changing to low energy light bulbs is a simple step we can all make to reduce carbon emissions. But when we’re talking about the lights at the Sydney Print Centre, that’s a big change with a big impact.

The team started the project by installing meters to measure where energy use could be significantly reduced, and then transformed the lighting system with the refurbishment of 1,877 light fittings, replacement of 130 light fittings, installation of 56 voltage reduction units, installation of 93 movement sensors and the installation of 413 T5 fluorescent fittings.

Induction lighting technology was also introduced by installing 45 units that use 50% less power than conventional hi bay lights with the same light output and spread.

The team predicted that they would see $170,000 in savings in the first year, but thanks to additional tweaks like the motion sensors, they saved $220,000 in the first year and reduced carbon emissions by 1,366 tons.

By early 2014, the lighting project had paid for itself in two years.

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