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Ideas shine bright at the Brisbane Print Centre

22/09/2017 9:39 AM

News Corp Australia’s Brisbane Print Centre (BPC) have led the way when it comes to the environment in all three areas – water, waste and energy. Not only has the BPC achieved zero waste with an average of 98% of its waste diverted to landfill, it also has implemented water initiatives including using clean, processed waste water in bathrooms. The site’s energy saving initiatives have been a highlight of FY17, achieving a massive 10% reduction in electricity usage over the year – that’s 1,278 tonnes of CO2e!

A key driver of these savings has been a creative staff-led initiative involving a site team member purchasing caps with electricity bolts to symbolise “energy monitors”, wearing the caps as the team does a thorough a walk-through of the print site to identify lights that could be turned off at certain times of the day. One walk through resulted in discovering that 100 fluoro lights could be turned off! The team, led by Simon Rossic (Press Technical Support) then sends out an email with the cap at the bottom of it explaining what was found on the walk through and encouraging everyone to help initiate behaviour change when it comes to switching off lights when not in use.


Other fantastic energy and waste saving initiatives have included:

  • Replacement of the site’s chillers which has projected savings of  $176k savings a year and an estimated reduction of 1400 tonnes of CO2e
  • Optimising the Building Management System (BMS), shutting off power in unused areas at certain times

Congratulations to everyone at the print site on these excellent results and initiatives.

Newsprint – all returns, pallets and plastic strapping are recycled

Simon Rossic (Press Technical Support, Brisbane Print Centre)