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Mustering up our mobiles

01/06/2014 1:28 AM

The NSW 1 Degree Committee has arranged for an interactive mobile recycling unit to be hosted in the foyer of News Corp Australia’s head office building in the lead up to World Environment Day (5th of June). The Mobile Muster unit is an educative and entertaining tool for engaging with recycling, and a resource for staff to recycle old unused mobile phones, batteries and accessories.

There are over 23 million mobile phones hiding in our homes and offices across Australia. Adding up to the equivalent of 2,200 tonnes of metal, minerals, plastic and glass, those mobile phones can be used to make new products instead of going to landfill. 90% of the materials from mobile phones can be recovered by Mobile Muster, saving energy and preventing potentially hazardous materials from entering the environment.

Shane Smith, Head of the NSW 1 Degree Committee says, “As the official product stewardship program for the mobile industry, the NSW 1Degree Committee is aligned to their mission to ‘keep mobile phones out of landfill’. It fits with our 1 Degree philosophy that each small step adds up to make big changes.”

If you would like to recycle your old mobile phones that are hiding in your house, click here to find the nearest Mobile Muster drop off point.