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News Corp Australia pledges to TAKE2

01/06/2017 1:40 PM

News Corp Australia has joined the growing movement of companies taking the Take2 pledge, the Victorian Government’s climate change initiative.

About TAKE2

TAKE2 is all about reducing carbon emissions and to keep the temperature rise under two degrees. Through its Take2 initiative, the Victorian Government has committed to cutting climate change pollution levels to net zero emissions by 2050. It recently become the first and only government-led climate change initiative that has enshrined the target in law. It’s also rolling out its grand plan for a cleaner, greener Victoria including a 40% renewable energy target by 2025 and some amazing projects, like solar powered trams.

TAKE2 encourages everyone from all walks of life, including individuals, business, government, educational and community organisations, to make a commitment, or pledge, to fight climate change. It’s a free initiative which promotes the great work a lot of organisations and individuals are undertaking and showing how fighting climate change can be beneficial to both business and of course, the environment.  Another important feature is the ideas, inspiration and guidance it provides all TAKE2 members to step up their commitment to greener living.

How has News Corp Australia become involved?

News Corp Australia has signed the Take2 pledge with eight strong environmental targets. News’ long term commitment to the environment is enshrined in its 1 Degree program, which has now been running successfully for 10 years. Since 1 Degree started in 2007, News has achieved a 39% carbon footprint reduction, in addition to reducing transport, electricity and natural gas usage and air travel emissions. The below eight goals will take those reductions even further, and target all areas of sustainability in our industry – including carbon, waste, engagement and product stewardship.

1 Degree pledges to:

  • An annual reduction of our carbon footprint of 5%
  • Maintain zero waste to landfill at owned print sites from 2016
  • Achieve zero waste to landfill at owned office sites by the end of 2018
  • Grow engagement of employees and the community with 1 Degree
  • Work with suppliers and partners to advance environmental outcomes
  • Source 100% of newsprint from mills whose forest management practices are certified (in compliance with the News Corp Paper Policy)
  • Continue to lead in product stewardship through the Australian Publisher’s “National Environmental Sustainability Agreement”
  • Actively evaluate opportunities to power our operations with cleaner sources of energy

See News Corp Australia’s full pledge here.

Businesses and individuals alike can take the TAKE2 pledge, click here to make a pledge of your own.