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Now you can Recycle Smart…

19/10/2016 11:56 AM

RecycleSmart, a free mobile app built in collaboration with Planet Ark, gives recycling information on over 250 items in more than 550 council areas. The app has now had over 9000 downloads, currently the most downloaded environmental app in Australia. 1 Degree asked CEO of RecycleSmart, Giorgio Baracchi, about the app and how it can help us all work towards zero waste.


What made you create the app and what inspires you about this area?

After talking to thousands of residents in Australia, I have realised that there has been a great lack of understanding about recycling methods in complex environments where many Councils may have different recycling methods. I mainly wanted to build a solution to eliminate this complexity behind recycling and build better channels of communication between residents and councils. Over 500 councils in Australia are currently represented in our app, which provides an easy tool to educate, motivate, and inspire residents to recycle more efficiently and consciously to benefit the local communities.

What do you think is the most useful part of the app?

Besides providing a comprehensive digital tool that answers the old age question ‘how do I recycle this?’ for over 250 items in more than 500 cities nationwide, the RecycleSmart app also provides practical features for Councils to communicate with their residents more efficiently. These features include the ‘Tell your Council’, Customised Calendar, and Newsfeed functions. The ‘Tell your Council’ function allows users to give feedback to councils on how to improve recycling methods in local areas, or to notify their council about issues such as missed waste collections, overflowing bins or illegal dumping.

The Customised Council Calendar sends users reminders about when to collect or put out their recycling bins, special waste collections days (e.g. e-waste), and any community events through push notifications. The Newsfeed function provides residents with up-to-date information, including articles from Planet Ark’s blog. In addition, Planet Ark’s ‘RecyclingNearYou’ integration in the App offers information about recycling and waste services offered by local councils as well as drop-off options for items including computers, batteries, printer cartridges, mobile phones and many more.

What can we all do to be more zero waste?

The main idea is for people to be more aware of the importance of recycling and taking care of their waste products. By downloading the app, people will hopefully become more conscious and motivated, so that they can take action and spread the word to ultimately benefit their local communities and save our environment.


The app can be downloaded on the apple App store or through clicking on the image above.