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Our Sydney Print Centre leaps and bounds

29/04/2014 4:24 AM

Making our buildings more energy efficient has been a key part of reducing News Corp Australia’s carbon footprint by 24% since 2006.

Using a sophisticated building management system (BMS), major changes to our Sydney Print Centre resulted in an 11% cut in carbon emissions in just one year and a 31% reduction since 1 Degree began in 2007.

Air conditioning has been a key focus for efficiency. Changes in daily schedules and temperatures were introduced in several areas to ensure that we were not wasting electricity on empty rooms.

Outside air fans were optimised to monitor pressure, so that the fans no longer run at 100% capacity and now operate at 67%. Cooling pumps, secondary chilled water pumps and secondary hot water pumps have been programmed to only run when there is a need for their use, resulting in a reduction in usage by 30%.

By engaging the detailed knowledge of experienced staff who were able to advise on the likely impacts of the changes, we’ve also been able to reduce the use of some equipment without compromising production.