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Recycling saves more than the trees

29/05/2014 4:25 AM

Australians have been the world’s best recyclers of newspapers since 1999, and while that’s great news in reducing landfill, the benefits extend far beyond saving the forests or reducing waste.

An often-overlooked benefit of recycling is reducing greenhouse emissions. It takes about 50% less energy to make paper from recycled fibres compared to virgin fibres. In addition, diverting newspapers from landfill avoids the creation of methane gas, which is a more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

That’s why News Corps new Global Paper Policy is so important. Adopted by News Corp Australia in April 2014 the policy covers responsible paper sourcing, use and recycling.

We have signed up to a global goal to have 100% of the fiber used to make our paper sourced from Chain of Custody certified paper mills and to participate globally in the CDP Forest Program.

We’ve also committed to purchasing paper with recycled content and reducing basis weights on products where appropriate, in order to reduce the use of fiber and raw materials consumed in the production of that paper.