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FY2015 Carbon Footprint achievements

10/02/2016 4:41 PM

News Corp Australia’s FY2015 carbon footprint figures have been released showing remarkable results.
The company exceeded our FY2017 goal by achieving a 36% reduction in our carbon footprint since we started 1 Degree in FY2006. This is a reduction of more than 50,000 tonnes of CO2e, which is the equivalent of charging 2.5 million iPads every day.

A full breakdown of our emission reductions is as follows:

FY2015 figure breakdown image

How the carbon footprint reduction was achieved

Over the last year our electricity use decreased by 7%, which was largely achieved through a combination of energy efficiency projects, our IT software 1Switch, behavioural change initiatives and facility consolidation.
Several print facilities implemented lighting and air compressor upgrades using more energy efficient equipment resulting in significant savings. Adelaide and Melbourne Print Centres saw the installation of more efficient chillers, achieving significant carbon reductions and complying with the phase out of ozone-depleting refrigerants under the Montreal Protocol. These new projects account for around 30% of the year’s total energy reductions.

As electricity makes up 88% of the company’s total carbon emissions, opportunities for energy efficiency and cleaner sources of power continue to be actively investigated.

An Energy Efficiency Roadmap (EER) was developed in 2015 to prioritise energy saving opportunities by their relative return on investment and associated environmental benefits. The EER provides a three year plan to achieving $1.3 million annual energy cost savings and a further annual reductions of 7000 tonnes CO2 emissions.

The graph below shows our progress on reducing our carbon footprint since we started:


News Corp Australia is currently revising a new carbon reduction goal to FY2020.

For more information about our energy efficiency projects and investigations visit or contact the 1 Degree team at