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Release of latest environmental figures

17/02/2015 12:07 PM

News Corp Australia’s FY14 carbon footprint figures have been released, showing strong results in all areas of energy efficiency.  The overall carbon footprint reduction between the benchmark year FY2006 and FY2014 is 29%.

Dr Tony Wilkins, Head of Environment at News Corp Australia says, ‘We are on target to achieve our carbon reduction goal of 35% by FY2017 since we started 1 Degree in FY2006. Efficiency remains a central focus over the next year where we will also look at further gains in waste management, leading to our zero waste goals across our facilities.’

The full breakdown of reductions across News’ carbon footprint is as follows:

Carbon footprint FY14 breakdown 4 image

In FY14, News Corp Australia saved more than two and a half million dollars in electricity costs by reducing electricity consumption by 7% from FY2013. Electricity contributes to more than 92% of News Corp Australia’s total greenhouse emissions.​ This was achieved through energy efficiency projects, facility consolidation and a reduction in total newsprint tonnage.

The company has also achieved a significant reduction of 60% in transport carbon emissions between FY2006 and FY2014 as a result of effective fleet management. Over the financial year, the fleet number reduced from 380 vehicles to 318 and saw an increase in the number of fleet vehicles using high octane E10 fuel, a type of fuel that emits less harmful emissions and reduced carcinogens.

The below graph shows the progress of the carbon footprint reduction at News Corp Australia:

FY2014 Carbon Footprint graph