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We’re the best recyclers in the world with 97% of all households recycling and 73% of us re-using goods. But each household still generates an estimated 1.5 tonnes of waste each year. Find out what you can do beyond putting the papers out for collection.

Waste at home

  • Nearly half (47%) of all waste from households is organic waste. Join the 35% of Australians composting their garden waste, and the 23% composting their food scraps, to turn them into fertiliser for your garden instead of sending them to landfill.
  • Visit – a great site that tells you how and where to recycle just about anything.
  • Contact your local council to find out what recycling services they offer for larger electronic and electrical products.
  • Buy second-hand.
  • Opt for products with minimal packaging where possible.
  • Choose concentrated products or refillable containers.
  • When you’re buying fruit and vegetables, pop them straight into your trolley rather than into plastic bags.
  • Give unwanted clothes, household items, furniture and appliances to family and friends, or donate them to charities.
  • Use washed takeaway containers to store frozen food.