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From 1997 to 2012 the population of Australia rose by 22%, the value of goods and services produced in Australia increased by 64%…and waste generation increased by 145%. About half of that 50 million tonnes of waste is recovered, but there are simple ways we can improve that result.

Waste at work

  • Introduce a multiple bin system to encourage recycling – one bin for paper/cardboard, another for plastics/cans and one more for general waste. Check with your local council what recycling occurs in your area and what is the best system for your office.
  • Set photocopiers to double-sided printing as a default. If you can’t do this, place a box next to the photocopier for waste copies and have staff use them as paper for taking notes (saving the cost of notebooks!).
  • Set up a central memo noticeboard or a dry erase board to eliminate large amounts of office paper notifications.
  • Use office products made from recycled or sustainably produced materials.
  • Avoid using disposable products wherever possible. Consider investing in ceramic plates and mugs instead of paper or plastic for the office kitchen.
  • Order supplies in bulk to reduce packaging waste
  • Reuse old binders, folders and general office equipment to reduce waste and save on money.
  • Instead of throwing away unwanted paper, shred and reuse them as packing material.
  • Reduce margins to cut down on printing.
  • When organising office clean ups look to see what can be recycled or donated.
  • When disposing of old office equipment or furniture consider gifting it instead of sending it to landfill